Tiny Monsters: Monsters Breeding Guide


Tiny Monsters is jam packed with different monsters that you can breed during your gameplay. You breed the monsters by using the Breeding Den which you can  purchase in the building marketing when you reach level 8. Once you purchase the breeding den you can begin breeding monsters in your Tiny Monsters Park.

To breed monsters in your Tiny Monsters park, simply tap on the breeding den then select the two monsters you want to combine. Once you breed these monsters together you will need to wait a certain amount of time before they have completed the breeding process then the egg will be placed in your nursery.

When you have obtained the egg you will also need to wait for it to hatch then you can place it into your habitat. We here have all the monsters available in Tiny Monsters.

To find out if we have exclusive information on the monster for your Tiny Monsters park, simply use your search engine and type in the monster name including “Gameteep” at the end of your search. Once the monster pages have been completed it will be available here.

Please visit this page for updates

Beginner’s Notes

  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Tiny Monsters Forum
  3. Tiny Monsters Teepbook Wiki

Tiny Monsters’s MonstersNewest Monsters

Common Monsters

Tiny Monsters Fire ElementHybrid Fire Monsters

Tiny Monsters Earth ElementHybrid Earth Monsters

  15 Responses to “Tiny Monsters: Monsters Breeding Guide”

  1. This did not help me at all.
    Tanks. *_*

  2. Very useful, thankyou.

  3. IM ON LEVEL 32 and I need one more breeding den, so which level I’ll be able to BUY another breeding den

  4. What about Shadow monsters? I'm asked to get habitat for them to live in on my quest list and found nothing on them.

  5. AND I have a light monster egg and no way of placing it into a habitat that isn't in list.

  6. Am needing a light monster, but I don’t see anything on any of the sites on how to breed one. Is there a formula? and what is it, had no trouble getting shadefin or ledgenary, but just can’t seem to get light.

  7. Hey, I’m nine years old and I already am breeding or buying whatever I need to. I agree that you should DEFENETLY try Fire+Ledgendary.
    By the way, who ARE you annomis?;)

  8. anybody know If at some point you are allowed a second breading den? it takes forever with only one.

    Maybe a certain level or something?

  9. How do I breed a wild stone monster because im confused oh and plz visit my island i have a very rare monster my name is p1o2

  10. Plz answer me somebody plz plz plz

  11. What monsters should I use to make frozen flame

  12. How do we breed a legendary monster

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