Tiny Monsters: Mythic Monsters Breeding Guide


What are Mythic Monsters in Tiny Monsters app?

Mythic Monsters for Tiny Monsters is an amazing new race of monsters that you can breed when you have obtained the Tiny Monsters: Mythic Cave. When you purchase the Mythic Cave, the incredible magic cave that can grant special elements to your monsters while breeding, you will have a chance to breed monsters with a different color. If you have been through the era of Pokemon like all Gameteep players, this will probably remind you of the Shiny Pokemons that spawn during your gameplay.

Tiny Monsters All Mythic Monsters

The Mythic Monsters are exactly like the Shiny Pokemons, they are rare, unique, and sought after by many Tiny Monsters players. Some players may never see a single mythic monster in their island but luckily here at Gameteep we have all you need to know about the mythic monsters and more!

What are the percentages of getting a Mythic Monster?

The most important thing to know about Mythic Monsters and how to breed them is that they are random and that it is mostly based on luck. This is true if you do not have two mythic monsters of the same monster already. If you have two of the same mythic monsters then you can breed them together to 100% form the same mythic monster.

Tiny Monsters Teepbook - Mythic Tree Monster

What are the main differences between a Mythic Monster and a normal monster?

One of the main differences between a Mythic Monster and a normal Monster is that they have different colors. You will also find that the mythic monster has slightly higher earning rates, giving you better coins per minute.

How to breed a Mythic Monster?

To breed any Mythic Monster you need the Mythic Cave and lots of luck. Odds of getting a Mythic Monster are completely random and your only chance to get them is when you have the Mythic Cave in place. The most recommended way of getting a Mythic Monster is to use their original form and continue to breed until you have obtained their Mythic form.

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  1. My island move by itself.It takes forever to get it back in the center,only to have move.I play DragonVale and don’t have this problem.I had a friend help& reload the game;still no change.I play on my ipod touch.I also have no idea what ro breed with what to get different monsters.Help please.I’m disable & this help me take my mind off my non-stop pain.

  2. I need help getting mythic monsterS!!

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  4. Invite me, Qlios

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  6. I read on tiny monsters help page that you can only breed mythic monsters with ios, not an android device. Is this true?! I have a kindle fire and bought the mythic cave, so if it’s true I’m a bit peeved they suggested (in the form of a quest) that I waste coins on an object they know I can’t use… hmpf! Android users miss out on all the fun.. bummer..

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