Tiny Monsters: Mythic Bolt Monster


The Mythic Bolt Monster is an electric bird that will certainly have you shocking in your heels, and if you don’t’ have heels then shoes that is. The Mythic Bolt Monster may not look that much different from the original Bolt Monster but be assured that he will earn more coins for your electric or air habitat.

You can breed the mythic bolt monster using a bolt monster and a bolt monster in the breeding den, but make sure you do have the mythic cave or you can never have a chance at breeding the mythic bolt monster. The mythic bolt monster will have a dark brown egg with a lightning bolt across it so if you see one in your tiny monsters nursery bay once you finished breeding, then you have a mythic bolt monster being hatched!

The Mythic Bolt Monster will evolve into the teen stage at level 5 and then evolve into the mythic bolt monster adult form at level 8. In the highest level of level 10 the mythic bolt monster will earn you the most income he can.

“A regal bird and a supercharged runner, the Bolt Monster is unfettered with a bright and fancy-free personality. They dance together and play silly games, like balancing feathers on their heads during races. They make excellent pets, but only if you have the energy to keep up with them!” Mythic Bolt Monster Game Description

Tiny Monsters Electric ElementTiny Monsters Air Element

Tiny Monsters Mythic bolt Monster

Release Date: April 24, 2012

Hatching Time: 25 Hours
Selling Price:  2,500 Tiny Monsters - Coins
Placement XP: 6,500Tiny Monsters - XP
Habitats: Air, Electric
Level Requirement: 20 or 18

Mythic Bolt  Monster breeding guide

Bolt  Monster + Bolt  Monster

Mythic Bolt  Monster Earnings

Level Earnings
Level 1 Tiny Monsters - Coins Level 6 Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 2 Tiny Monsters - Coins Level 7 Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 3 Tiny Monsters - Coins Level 8 Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 4 Tiny Monsters - Coins Level 9 Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 5 Tiny Monsters - Coins Level 10 Tiny Monsters - Coins


Mythic Bolt Monster Food/Feed Amount Chart


Level Food Requirement
Level 1 Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 2  Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 3  Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 4  Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 5  Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 6  Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 7  Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 8  Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 9  Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 10 MaxTiny Monsters -Food

 Mythic Bolt Monster Egg Pictures & Evolution

Tiny Monsters Teepbook - Mythic Bolt Monster

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