Tiny Monsters: Mythic Windstone Monster


The Mythic Windstone Monster is a flying monkey but in mythic form for Tiny Monsters. This Windstone Monster is a hard breed although you may have his elements of air and earth monsters but keep in mind that his breeding time is 26 hours and so is his hatching time.

Once you have been successful with breeding a windstone monster you can choose to sell the monster or place the windstone monster into any air or earth habitat.

“Windstones are highly sociable monsters, spending much of their time playing or grooming with others they considered part of their family. If a Windstone monster ever becomes attached to you, expect it to have it rummaging through your hair or flying off your gear bag when it wants to play.” -Mythic Windstone Monster Game Description

 Tiny Monsters Air Element Tiny Monsters Earth Element

Tiny Monsters Teepbook - Mythic Windstone Monster

Release Date: May 18, 2012

Hatching Time: 26 Hours
Selling Price: ? Tiny Monsters - Coins
Placement XP: ?Tiny Monsters - XP
Habitat: earth, Air
Level Requirement: ?

 Tuck In Time/Wait:  14 Hours

 Tuck In Time/Wait:  37 hours


Mythic Windstone Monster Evolution

If you want to evolve your Mythic Windstone Monster then be sure to level your Mythic Windstone Monsterto level 5 for a teen Mythic Windstone Monster then level the Mythic Windstone Monster to level 8 for the adult form.

Mythic Windstone Monster breeding guide

To breed a Mythic Windstone Monster you can use any Windstone Monster with any Windstone Monster for a chance to breed the windstone Monster for Tiny Monsters.

Mythic Windstone Monster Earnings

Level Earnings
Level 1 5Tiny Monsters - Coins Level 6 Tiny Monsters - Coins30
Level 2 10Tiny Monsters - Coins Level 7 Tiny Monsters - Coins33
Level 3 Tiny Monsters - Coins15 Level 8 Tiny Monsters - Coins36
Level 4 Tiny Monsters - Coins21 Level 9 Tiny Monsters - Coins37
Level 5 Tiny Monsters - Coins25 Level 10 Tiny Monsters - Coins38


Mythic Windstone Monster Food/Feed Amount Chart

Level Food Level Food
Level 1 135Tiny Monsters -Food Level 6 Tiny Monsters -Food815
Level 2 275Tiny Monsters -Food Level 7 Tiny Monsters -Food950
Level 3 Tiny Monsters -Food410 Level 8 1085Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 4 Tiny Monsters -Food545 Level 9 1220Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 5 Tiny Monsters -Food680 Level 10 Tiny Monsters -Food


Tiny Monsters windstone Monster Evolution Pictures

Tiny Monsters Teepbook - Mythic Windstone Monster

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