Tiny Monsters: Snowbluff Monster


“The Snowbluff monster can only be found at the peaks of the world’s coldest mountain ranges. Although they have hardly encountered one, explorers often find the gigantic shapes these giants leave in the snow at playtime. Although they’re comparatively gentle creatures, we wouldn’t wholeheartedly recommend soliciting a bear hug.” -Snowbluff Monster Game Description

The snowbluff monster in Tiny Monsters is an adorable bear like monster that will have you watching his daily activities on your Apple device. He is a ice and earth creature that may seem cold and in fact freezing but we’re sure it will be a heart-melting monsters to children, friends, and family. You can get the snowbluff monster at a pretty low level and is surely not a monster you want to miss.

You can purchase the snowbluff monster in the market using diamonds or you can try to take a chance at breeding the snowbluff monster using his core elements. To breed a snowbluff monster, use a Ice Monster and a Earth Monster, you will get a chance at breeding the legendary snowbluff monster that has children screaming for his appearance or you may not. Once you have bred and hatched the snowbluff monster you can expect to be placing him in a ice habitat or an earth habitat.

Tiny Monsters - Snowbluff Monster
Release Date: April 12 2012

Hatching Time: 14 Hours
Buying Price: 1,100 Tiny Monsters - Diamonds
Selling Price:  1,400 Tiny Monsters - Coins
Placement XP: 1,420Tiny Monsters - XP
Habitat: Ice, Earth Habitat
Level Requirement: 10
Teen Tuck In Time/Wait: 8 Hours
Adult Tuck In Time/Wait: 25 Hours

Snowbluff Monster breeding guide

Purchase in the market or you can try breeding for one using a Earth Monster and a Ice Monster.

Snowbluff Monster Earnings

Level Earnings Per Minute
Level 1 3Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 2 4Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 3 5Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 4 6Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 5 7Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 6 8Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 7 9Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 8 12Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 9 15Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 10  22Tiny Monsters - Coins

Food/Feed Amount

Level Food Requirement
Level 1 50Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 2 105Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 3 155Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 4 205Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 5 255Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 6 305Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 7 355Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 8 405Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 9 455Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 10 MaxTiny Monsters -Food

Tuck In Time

Teen Tuck In Time/Wait: 8 Hours

Adult Tuck In Time/Wait: 25 Hours



Tiny Monsters - Snowbluff Monster



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  1. I just bred a Teenage Tree Monster and a Teenage Frost Monster.

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