Tiny Monsters: Zephyr Monster


The Zephyr Monster is a butterfly like monster that looks amazingly beautiful. If you check the monsters out in your market you will see that it is one of the three newly released monsters for May 11th 2012.

The Zephyr Monster is a ice and air element monster that will surely fly the skies in your Tiny Monsters island so don’t hesitate to try to breed one today! You can purchase the Zephyr Monster for precise blue diamond or you can try to breed this amazing Zephyr using an ice and air element monster.

If you are looking to breed a Zephyr Monster the Zephyr Monster will take 24 hours to breed and hatch. At the beginning level of the Zephyr Monster it will earn you a 9 coins/min. Learn more about the Zephyr Monster below!

Zephyr Monster Evolution

If you want to evolve your Zephyr Monster then be sure to level your Zephyr Monster to level 5 for a teen Zephyr Monster then level the Zephyr Monster to level 8 for the adult form.

“Performing whimsical ballets high in the mountains around Monster Mountain, the Zephyr monster’s wings are coated in a thin layer of smooth ice. They have been observed adding patterns of snow and frozen flowers below this layer to show their current mood.” -Zephyr Monster Game Description

 Tiny Monsters Air Element Tiny Monsters Ice Element

Tiny Monsters Zephyr Monster Baby

Release Date: May 11, 2012

Hatching Time: 24 Hours
Buying Price: 175Tiny Monsters - Diamonds
Selling Price: 2,400 Tiny Monsters - Coins
Placement XP: 6,840Tiny Monsters - XP
Habitat: Ice, Air
Level Requirement: 18

 Tuck In Time/Wait:  13 Hours

 Tuck In Time/Wait:  35 hours


Zephyr Monster breeding guide

To breed a Zephyr Monster you can use any Air element monster with any Ice Element monster for a chance to breed the Zephyr Monster for Tiny Monsters.

Zephyr Monster Earnings

Level Earnings
Level 1 9Tiny Monsters - Coins Level 6 19Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 2 10Tiny Monsters - Coins Level 7 26Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 3 11Tiny Monsters - Coins Level 8 35Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 4 12Tiny Monsters - Coins Level 9 47Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 5 14Tiny Monsters - Coins Level 10 65Tiny Monsters - Coins


Zephyr Monster Food/Feed Amount Chart

Level Food Level Food
Level 1 175Tiny Monsters -Food Level 6 1055Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 2 355Tiny Monsters -Food Level 7 1230Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 3 530Tiny Monsters -Food Level 8 1405Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 4 705Tiny Monsters -Food Level 9 1580Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 5 880Tiny Monsters -Food Level 10 Tiny Monsters -Food


Tiny Monsters Zephyr Evolution Pictures

Tiny Monsters Teepbook - Zephyr Monster Baby

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