Mar 142013

Wonder Zoo Players are happy to see a brand new update for their game. This new update is quite the shining one as you can see it comes with a warm new yellow icon with a Dino and also a list of new animals for your game.

Wonder Zoo Animal dinosaur rescue icon

You can call this update the dinosaur update because you’ll be able to collect Dinosaurs by using the time machine from the Doc. As you can see below, the Doc will explain to you that his ship was a time machine and that you can travel back in time to during the age of the Dinosaurs. And from that point on we know what that means, we get to collect Dinosaurs! How cool is that?

Once you update the game you’ll get to time travel to the pre-historic time, and from there on you can collect Dinosaurs from Apatosaurus to the Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex)

Wonder Zoo  Animal & dinosaur rescue Screenshot 1Wonder Zoo  Animal & dinosaur rescue Screenshot 2

What’s New in Version 1.0.3

It was an ordinary day at the Wonder Zoo. The sun was shining and the animals were playing peacefully – until a mysterious spaceship landed right outside!

Startled but curious, Sean and Claire ran out to see what was happening. The door opened, and out of the spaceship stepped… their old friend Doc, the zany scientist!

Doc explained that his ship was actually a time machine and he had just come back from the Age of Dinosaurs. But he needs your help to go back in time and save the wounded dinosaurs!

✓ Discover a new animated movie featuring your favorite zookeepers and meet their friend Doc.
✓ Use Doc’s time machine to travel back in time and explore the exciting prehistoric wilderness.
✓ Save 9 amazing dinosaur species, from the giant Apatosaurus to the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex!
✓ Set off on exciting new quests.
✓ Build new habitats for your dinosaur friends, plus a time machine and much more.
✓ Share the fun with even more friends through Game Center.


  34 Responses to “Wonder Zoo: Animal and now Dinosaur rescue!”

  1. How do you see doc I don’t see him or a spaceship

    • Well to find the spaceship you DO NOT have to level up I have it on my iPad the spaceship is out by the little safari car, kind of I guess. When u press the spaceship for the first time It should do a little story thing and then u can get the Dino’s, hope this helps

  2. I don’t see him either my son wants to play but he can’t see anything

  3. We have this game on 3 iPads, and same thing, no spaceship on any of them. How do we make it appear

  4. Same problem here.

  5. I dont find the doc, any tip for finding him or an idea of where he is?

  6. I can’t work out how I get Doc and a spaceship either

  7. I have kindle fire and re downloaded the game, went from level 56 back to 1 and now at 12, and I can’t get anything about the dinosaurs to work.

  8. I read somewhere that to unlock the dinosaurs you need to complete all quests then you get a quest about time travel.. However mst of our quests are took up by animals needed a lot of peanuts to buy which cost real money therefore unless you spend a lot of real money you won’t be able to get any dinosaurs 🙁 hopefully they sort this out soon!

  9. I have dinosaurs! Not really sure how, I went on to ‘social’ so that I could visit other zoos and gain hearts by tapping on coins. I don’t have Facebook so clicked on ‘Alex’ this then let me go to further zoos. I did this three days in a row and after the third trip to other zoos I ‘returned to reserve’ to find a lab next to the jeep and nursery on my zoo – clicked on that and it gave me a spaceship to go and collect dinosaurs as with the other animals. No movie clip or doc but i did get dinosaurs. Only 4 you can collect – unless you want to buy with peanuts – which I don’t. I don’t know if the hearts is the key, but it worked for me – good luck people !

    • Need more information debby, how many places did you visit etc? Cause it is NOT working for me and i’m super bummed out.

  10. Thanks Debbie, it works!!!

  11. How do you get to Alex’s preserve (I really want dinos)

  12. Click on the following:

    That takes you to Alex’s reserve and then you can visit others from there, if you click on coins when you visit (can only do 5 coins per reserve) and only visible on 3 or 4 reserves a day. You collect 1 heart for every coin.

  13. Hey Debbie what were the names of the dinosaurs and are you sure it works?

  14. Parasaurolophus, triceratops, velociraptor , stegosaurus and t-Rex are the ones you can find in your UFO type machine and then there are 4 that you can buy with peanuts. I’m not sure that what I did is how you get dinosaurs all I know is I did that and I got the lab appear and Shawtong says its worked for them to.
    Now what I want to know is my tasks left to please my guests are to collect and breed the animals that you have to pay for but if you click on a task then Sean appears saying a nearby reserve has a spare one and I can get it for 320 hearts but don’t know how – to be honest I don’t have 320 hearts yet so I guess I could be just impatient !! But has anyone else managed to get the peanut only animals this way ???

  15. Thanks Debbie but I already figured out the dinosaurs you just have to be above level ten and have less than five missions so I saw the movie and it was kinda funny. Thanks anyway.

  16. OK. I was on level 60 before the update so stuck with the five guest requests for animals available with peanuts only. Game boring now as nothing else to achieve without payment. Cannot even expand the zoo any further as on the biggest it will let me. I would have preferred the game to say – complete! rather than this sort of no more game, but yet it’s not complete because I won’t pay for peanuts.

  17. I have two dinosaur in my storage but dont know how to get the habitat for them? Also need some neighbors, dont have any

  18. Dinosaur habitats are bigger than normal animals areas, you’ll need to expand your zoo to make room for them. Once you have an area big enough, then go to your storage box and double click on the dinosaur and it will place it in your zoo. If you can’t expand then you will need to rearrange stuff so that they can fit. Go to tools, shop and then bottom left ‘edit’ to move stuff into storage.

  19. I heard that there might be an update that the other dinos will be free

  20. I tried to research and spent like an hour wasting my time so ima ask here. it says to get the time machine you need to look at some reserves to get him however whenever I click on a random reserve it says it can’t connect. its really ******* me off now. anyone know how to fix? I just want dinosaurs -.-

  21. How do u watch the expanding your zoo tutorial?

  22. How do u do the expantion tatorial cause need to expand but says every time I have to do that and be past level 5 and I’m on 11

  23. My wonder zoo game is not working

  24. how do u start the game?

  25. I love this game and I just recently found the wild zebra, it went back to my zoo so I could place it, but there is no room and now it is just stuck. It wont let me do anything else other than try and place it but I cannot find any space. What should I do? I really don’t want to have to start over 🙁

    • How do u get to your storage.I just got a monkey and its in the storage (because I didn’t have any room) and now I have room. How in the world do u get to the stuiped stuiped storage.

  26. After playing a while the game crashes and I can not start it. All I can do is delete the game and download it again, but I have to start ALL OVER AGAIN! What should I do?

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