Jun 142013

Wonder Zoo: Animal & dinosaur rescue made a brand new update and it’s one of the best updates yet with the Legendary Guardians added into the game. These Legendary Guardians are highly sought after creatures from their rarity and amazing designs. On top of that, these creatures are the protector of their wilderness, so be sure not to miss your chance to see one of these legendary creatures in your game.

Wonder Zoo Animal & dinosaur rescue Legendary Guardian icon

You can now release animals that you captured and free up some room since you are rescuing animals because they are injured. And now once they are back at full health they can be released back into the wilderness. Do keep in mind that you must have four animals of the family to be able to release them. That means you need to collect all four of that family set, two adults and two baby.

New quests have also been added into the game so you can continue on with the story and gain bonuses as you complete the quests in the game. The breeding interface has also gotten better and easier for players to breed the amazing creatures they want.

Bug Fixes are also done in the game.  If you haven’t updated then it’s definitely the time to update and start looking for those clues on how to get each Legendary Guardians in the game.

If you’re wondering how you get them you must complete the quests where you collect and release animals for each wilderness.

Wonder Zoo Animal & dinosaur rescue Legendary Guardian icon
Wonder Zoo Animal & dinosaur rescue Legendary Guardian
Wonder Zoo Animal & dinosaur rescue Legendary Guardian Amphisbaena


What’s New in Version 1.0.4

The ultimate goal of a Wonder Zoo Keeper isn’t just a zoo full of animals; it’s a whole world full of ‘em! Discover the brand new Release feature and much more in this new update.

• Rescue & release: Families of rescued animals can now be released back into the wild. Release lots of animals to earn Peanuts and help them thrive in the environment.
• Repopulate an environment and unlock its Legendary Guardian to watch over the land!
• New quests will teach you about releasing animals and how to save endangered species from extinction.
• Breeding is easier than ever with simpler options (and discounts) to get the animals you need.
• Fixed an issue with the time machine, which will be available as soon as you update the game.

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