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Wonder Zoo – Animal rescue ! is a quality Zoo builder game in its genre. Gameloft is known to be a great developer and often their design exceeds the expectation of casual mobile players, it’s no different here.

This zoo game definitely has the best design and gameplay experience compared to any zoo other game till date. Explore a gorgeous 3D land where you will be able to travel through a number of wilderness environments to capture the rarest of animals in the world.

Wonder Zoo - Animal rescue screenshot 1

 Gameteep 4.5 star rating

Wonder Zoo - Animal rescue !

App Name: Wonder Zoo – Animal rescue !
Seller: Gameloft

Release Date: Oct 18, 2012

Genre: Zoo/Builder
Gameteep Rating: 4.5/5

iOS: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Rated Version

iOS: 1.0.0

Rated Device
iOS:  iPad

App Download
iOS: iTunes

Wonder Zoo – Animal rescue !  Gameplay

Wonder Zoo – Animal rescue ! takes many design elements from their popular game Ice Age Village. That being said, you’ll get many familiar gameplay features as well as new ones developed specifically for Wonder Zoo.

Let’s dive directly into the juice of the game and we have nailed it down to three different things that makes Wonder Zoo such a great game.

Collecting Rare Animals

It wouldn’t be a zoo game without collecting rare and mysterious animals/creatures.  There are over 50 animals for you to collect in the game and it’s definitely cool to have some Unicorn, Griffin, Big Foot and basically any legendary creatures we’ve heard about and never seen in an actual Zoo.

The best thing is the graphics for these animals are well developed so it really gives players a better experience.

A bit of Action

Things don’t often happen in a day, but most zoo games makes it happen when you can purchase an animal. In Wonder Zoo, you get to capture them which seriously adds a valued experience to the gameplay.


Don’t confuse this game with actual breeding games. This is a Zoo game and while you can breed, there’s no mix and match here. You will press the Cross-Breed button on a legendary animal once you have obtained the animals required and that’s about it.

The gameplay runs on a traditional concept, but if you’re a breeder don’t be overly excited when you see “breeding” is available in game.

Lastly, most aspects of a traditional Zoo game has been maintained and improved.  You’ll need to pick up garbage, complete quests across five different wildernesses, and more.

Wonder Zoo – Animal rescue !  Graphics

The graphics are well designed. Although the down side for most collectors is you cannot zoom that close to your animals, but it features the same graphics has Ice Age Village.

Wonder Zoo – Animal rescue !  Sounds

Sound is really one of the more difficult things to rate. It’s all there. Great sound effects, a bit of soundtrack and every button has a response except the confirmation button.

We praised their game Ice Age Village for its captivating sound effects and since Wonder Zoo does take many elements from that game. They’re still good sound effects.

Wonder Zoo – Animal rescue !  Round-up

Whether you like builder games or building a zoo, Wonder Zoo – Animal rescue ! is the best Zoo builder game of 2012.

The game has one of the best design and graphics for a zoo builder game and dynamic gameplay depending on future updates.  Hopefully more mini games and features will be added into the game.

As good as the game is, it does take a more traditional approach but improving on the experience of a Zoo building game. Zoo builder type of games is not new, they’ve been around since the dawn of games on mobile devices but always lacked design elements. Wonder Zoo – Animal rescue ! fixes many of these missing elements giving players another exceptional experience. It’s definitely the best animal zoo builder game released in 2012.

Bottom line: The best animal zoo builder game for 2012.

Wonder Zoo – Animal rescue ! Screenshots

Wonder Zoo - Animal rescue screenshot 2Wonder Zoo - Animal rescue screenshot 3Wonder Zoo - Animal rescue screenshot 4Wonder Zoo - Animal rescue screenshot 5Wonder Zoo - Animal rescue screenshot 6

Review Rating
  • Improved Zoo Building game
  • Graphics
  • Design and user experience
  • “Capture” the animal gameplay
  • Animal collections
  • Legendary Animals
  • Breeding Picture on preview, not really breeding
  • Takes lots of elements from Ice Age Village
  • “Must” buy certain animals with Peanuts.

  2 Responses to “Wonder Zoo – Animal rescue ! Review”

  1. Got to level 38 ,would not come back up.Really upset we was enjoying the game..this seems to be a on going problem.

  2. I’m annoyed I cannot expand I’m level 13 and cannot find any way to do it I can’t progress much like this need help please!

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