Zenonia 3: Ultimate Nature Shaman

Zenonia 3

Zenonia 3


The Zenonia 3 The Midgard Story Nature Shaman is the only spell caster class in Zenonia 3 The Midgard Story. He shoots energy balls from a far and can tactical enemies pretty well.  Below I am going to show you how to beat the entire game using a Zenonia 3 Nature Shaman Class with the best possible skills and stat points.

First select a new game and select the Nature Shaman class for Zenonia 3.

Zenonia 3 - Nature Shaman

Zenonia 3 - Nature Shaman

Skill points

In Zenonia 3 The Midgard Story, Skill points are everything to get the best possible skill to kill those monsters. One wrong skill point could mean you have lost a valuable skill in Zenonia 3 and that being said you might not be powerful enough to kill enemies later on, so select the correct skill points in Zenonia 3!

The picture below is only for reference! do not follow or you might not get there! Max the skills in this order as you level.

Concentration – MAX –

Magicholic – MAX –

Mind Set – 1 Point –

Save until you have Starfall

Starfall – MAX –

Nature Fury – MAX –  (You should have everything by Level 40)

Zenonia 3 Nature Shaman

Zenonia 3 Nature Shaman

Zenonia 3 Nature Shaman

Zenonia 3 Nature Shaman


Hard Mode:

Natural Barrier – Max –

Sun set – 1 –

Hell of Flame – Max –

Rest would be your choice.

Stat points:

Your Zenonia 3 stat points for the Zenonia 3 Nature Shaman will now be the matter of choice on your Zenonia 3 play style. You can be all out powerful or all out defensive depending on how you like to do things but for my recommendation is you do this.

Put all points into INT then when your Zenonia 3 Nature Shaman starts to die put some in CON then go back to INT.

Zenonia 3 Notes: Remember that there is Hard Mode after the Normal game so do not waste stat points! Only put them into it if you are missing or dying within 1-2 hits!

  15 Responses to “Zenonia 3: Ultimate Nature Shaman”

  1. I like ur style on how you build ur Chars. Did you ever play Diablo2? Cause your chars skill/stat build are on point. Espically ur Nature Shaman build, cause that Char gets pounded on by the last few Bosses

  2. u kno what chose shaman bc if u max the cure tatom higher and this the good thing shaman alway win in pvp 1. people get piss off with shaman bc they heal itself 2. u able to defeat the final boss with shaman if u have a high attack in hard mode u be unbeatable and no bosses couldn't touch me and 3. shaman and sword knight is better class for the hard mode also sword knight can abosrb health. but your wrong that trick your doing it will not work.


  4. wew it works!!!

  5. Please help me with my problem im having a hard time finding items for my nature shaman i cant beat the boss. The one who’s doing the tritual on celine plesse give me s tip on where can i farm more items for mt nsture sjaman or u c send me if you have one ID: juanpaul19

  6. Can you guys give me items my id is ArjAyin1
    Im shaman. Lvl60

  7. My sword knight keeps on dying in hard mode any tips?..please send some zen too would really appreciate it id: hpooot

  8. Please send me some zen my Id is Ultear

  9. My Nature Shaman is Lvl. 89 but my galdiator cape (unique) destroyed after refining . And my skill build is wrong 🙁

  10. Also in Hell mode ^_^

  11. can you give me some ZEN please ? im in hell mode lvl 90 nature shaman

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