Zenonia 3: The Midgard Story Titles


Zenonia 3

The Zenonia 3: The Midgard Story Titles are just like any other equipment, granting you bonuses to your stats, from defense to attack. By adding these titles you will gain more power in your battle and thus allowing you to survive longer and kill more monsters.

How do you get these titles you may ask? Well it’s not that hard and it’s not that simple. Some titles you will get by just merely playing the game but while others you need to grind until it becomes available to you. This includes refining, buying items, playing PvP and so forth. Below I have listed some of the many titles available to you, good luck and don’t forget to rate to help keep more guides coming. Thanks.

Zenonia 3: The Midgard Story Titles

Gladiator of blood – attack+250
Crazy Collector – Attack+10%
Newbie Hero (lvl5 )
Murloc KIller ( kill Murloc lvl 5 )
Apprentice Combiner ( Combine stuffs )
Zenonia Lover ( play Zenonia long enough )
Apprentice Miner ( Mine stuffs like Bronze )
Expert Combiner ( Combine more stuffs )
Zenonia Maniac ( Play longer than long )
Master Combiner ( Combine till insane )
Friendly Foreigner ( Went out of Great temple pot shop )

Apprentice Refiner ( Refine items )
Divine hero – all stats +5
Infinite Trainee ( Gone to execution room, in and out of the temple )
Midgard Explorer ( Finish Normal mode )
Weakling ( Lose alot in PVP)
Labyrinth Master ( Just walk all the way )
Novice Fighter ( win alot in PVP )
Expert Refiner ( Keep refining )
Devil Slayer ( kill a lot of Devil Recruits )
Frog Killer ( kill Frogs )

  18 Responses to “Zenonia 3: The Midgard Story Titles”

  1. midgard explorer it's about visit all the maps.

  2. how am I able to acquired the "gladiator of blood" title?

  3. how you get the “divine hero” title?

  4. Get “master refiner”(epic) it absorbs hp 10% . Just refini

  5. i got crazy collector and my damage is 25k…..

  6. how do you get crazy collector?

  7. I got “Super Lucky Guy” (+10% all stats)
    your gold must be 7777 to get this title

  8. how to get the absolute destroyer..and what is the option of that title.?

  9. I have “Friend of Dark Merchant” you have to buy from Dark Merchant more than 10 timess

  10. i have ” dwarf killer ” you must kill the dwarf many as you can in Nifel Fortress……………………..

  11. I got fairy fan.you must use receive more than10 times skill stones or attribute.its effect is just like crazy collector

  12. how you get the “divine hero” title?

  13. how to get the super lucky guy?? please help me 🙁

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