Zenonia 3: Ultimate Shadow Hunter


Zenonia 3

The Zenonia 3 The Midgard Story Shadow Hunter is the only Dual Blade wielder in Zenonia 3 The Midgard Story. He two swords on both hands much and fights much like the Sword Knight but combines stealth and assassin like abilities.  Below I am going to show you how to beat the entire game using a Zenonia 3 Shadow Hunter Class with the best possible skills and stat points.

First select a new game and select the Shadow Hunter class for Zenonia 3.

Zenonia 3 Shadow Hunter

Zenonia 3 Shadow Hunter

Skill points

In Zenonia 3 The Midgard Story, Skill points are everything to get the best possible skill to kill those monsters. One wrong skill point could mean you have lost a valuable skill in Zenonia 3 and that being said you might not be powerful enough to kill enemies later on, so select the correct skill points in Zenonia 3!

The picture below is only for reference! do not follow or you might not get there! Max the skills in this order as you level.


Extreme Evasion – MAX –

Concentrated Attack – MAX –

Fiery Fist – MAX –

Summon Clone – 1 Point –

Invisible Shadow – MAX –

Blaster – MAX –


Hard Mode:

Adamantine – Max –

Rest would be your choice.

Stat points:

Your Zenonia 3 stat points for the Zenonia 3 Shadow Hunter wll be all into DEX add into CON when needed.

Zenonia 3 Notes: Remember that there is Hard Mode after the Normal game so do not waste stat points! Only put them into it if you are missing or dying within 1-2 hits!

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  1. on zenonia3 shadow hunter has no concentrated attack

  2. As with all these build: they only work, if you spend money on Zen-points. Be sure to enhance at least one active offensive skill to MAX, and every other level, put one point to CON. Otherwise you will be one-shot killed in the end game. Or you spend money for Zen to buy Origin of Life pills.

  3. yes they do

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