Zenonia 4: Ultimate Ranger Guide


Zenonia 4 - Return of the Legend


How to build the Ultimate Ranger in Zenonia 4

The Ranger class is one of the best class to play in Zenonia 4 – Return of the Legend. Not only is it fun but also you are one of the most powerful class out there. You can kill enemies easily with your shots and unlike the play style of sword or blader, you don’t need to be up close and personal.

This guide is for a ranger that can kill enemies just with his bare buster and not require crazy amount of MP for special skills. I can take out almost all enemies easily with this build and I hope it helps you too. Your main skill though will be Charge Shot where you will use for bosses or crowds. And your normal shots do hit multiple enemies from afar.




Skill points

MAX These skills

Lvl 2 – Activate TK-X2 (Decoy for low levels)
Lvl 3 – Agility
Lvl 4 – Agility
Lvl 5 – Agility
Lvl 6 – Agility
Lvl 7 – Agility
Lvl 8 – Agility
Lvl 9 – Agility
Lvl 10 – Agility
Lvl 11 – Agility
Lvl 12 – Agility (MAX)
Lvl 13 –Scope

Lvl 14 – Cannon Booster
Lvl 15 – Charge Shot <- Main Skill
Lvl 16 – Charge Shot
Lvl 17 – Charge Shot
Lvl 18 – Charge Shot
Lvl 19 – Charge Shot
Lvl 20 – Charge Shot
Lvl 21 – Charge Shot
Lvl 22 – Charge Shot
Lvl 23 – Charge Shot
Lvl 24 – Charge Shot (MAX)
Lvl 25 – Fast Skill
Lvl 26 – Reflect Shot
Lvl 27 – Upgrade Weapon
Lvl 28 – Scope
Lvl 29 – Scope
Lvl 30 – Scope
Lvl 31 – Scope
Lvl 32 – Scope
Lvl 33 – Scope
Lvl 34 – Scope
Lvl 35 – Scope
Lvl 36 – Scope  (MAX)
Lvl 37 – Upgrade Weapon
Lvl 38 – Upgrade Weapon
Lvl 39 – Upgrade Weapon
Lvl 40 – Upgrade Weapon
Lvl 41 – Upgrade Weapon
Lvl 42 – Upgrade Weapon
Lvl 42 – Upgrade Weapon
Lvl 43 – Upgrade Weapon
Lvl 44 – Upgrade Weapon (MAX)
Lvl 45 – Extreme Kill (Secondary Skill if you wish)
Lvl 46 – Area Zero
Lvl 47 – Area Zero
Lvl 48 – Fatal Shot
Lvl 49 – Fatal Shot
Lvl 50 – Fatal Shot

Zenonia 4 Ranger

Zenonia 4 Ranger

-Charge Shot (this will be your main skill to kill bosses and enemies, the ranger can take out normal enemies with normal attacks)

Stat points.

All into DEX build:

This build is a DEX only build, more into power and less into life. With this build you can easily take out enemies with a few hits but if you get hit you will also die very easily

All into CON build:

This focus is more about surviving with the massive amount of Health points you will have. Giving up DEX, your damage usually decrease about 1000 or 100 but you survive much longer with over 1,000 life.

Hybrid Build:

Half points in DEX and have points in CON will give you half the DEX of the DEX build and allow you to survive longer. This build is recommended for first time players.

 My recommended build

All into DEX from to level 30 then all into CON until level 40 then add as see fit.

  13 Responses to “Zenonia 4: Ultimate Ranger Guide”

  1. nice..

  2. when u say from "all into DEX from to level 30"…wat r u missing?

  3. For sill pionts it should be lvl2-4 agility. Lvl5 activate tk-x2. Lvl6-12 agility. The rest is fine. U cant get tk-x2 until lvl5

  4. Is it necessary to add some points to INT beside CON?

  5. What type of fairy we must use? (Obviously with ranger)
    Fire, Frost, Holy, Dark??
    (Including when level up and are more powerful )

  6. what is the safe upgrade for weapons? 🙂

  7. Yeah, one quick question so after lvl 40 on con, should I continue on dex?

  8. ITS JUST SHITTY!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. You forgot to add slow shot, because without it you can’t get charge shot and upgrade weapon. Pls fix the build. Btw i think it is better when you do 2 times 3 dex the 1 time 3 con.

    • Dude are you just dumb you need cannon boost not slow shot dumb ass. And the build was really good i can kill shanturu in 30 second. When level 30 add con or int and 2 dex.

  10. I like how people whine over something that’s like 3 years old or possibly older lol….
    Like if you don’t like the shit just look somewhere else lol or close the link lol
    And if you have some recommendations about something for example how some people say charge shot I’s this and that not slow shot don’t be a dick about it for example: Mike Ki:Dude are you just dumb you need cannon boost not slow shot dumb ass.
    Like seriously if you believe something should be change just say so don’t call the one who made what ever it is your looking at a dumb ass or what ever.

  11. How should I build my stats as I progress through the lvls after lvl 40…?

  12. To be honest, i think that Scope is a waste of points, 10 hit for 10 points? Eh, no.

    Would rather see those points spent into Cannon Booster. At max level, booster lasts as long as its cooldown and increases your damage and range by 60%, which means that you can hit until the end of the screen and kite much more safely, plus the damage boost is pretty insane and works for both your attacks and skills.

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