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Zenonia is back with the fifth installment to their popular jRPG franchise dubbed “Zenonia 5 – Wheel of Destiny”. We love Zenonia, in fact, the Zenonia series was actually the very first series we’ve done guides for and players loved it.

Zenonia  4 was released about the same time as it is right now in December and it brought a brand new experience for Zenonia players. All the graphics were crisp, sharp and just really well done. Zenonia 5 marks a brand new revolution to their jRPG franchise.

Follow the story of four brand new characters, Abel (Berserker), Evan (Mechanic), Neal (Wizard), and Ryan a Paladin. The story takes place in a distant past after Regret (Zenonia 4) defeated Shaturu. Lu became king and they had peace and harmony but the selfishness of man overtook them and now they are faced with corruption and evil. Your job is to restore order by defeating the Devil Tribe which started growing in numbers to execute revenge on the humans.

Zenonia 5 Wheel of Destiny Upper Screen

 Gameteep Rating

Zenonia 5 Wheel of Destiny icon

App Name: Zenonia 5 – Wheel of Destiny
Seller: Gamevil

Release Date:
Jan 10, 2013Apple iOS
November 29, 2012Android OS

Genre: Role-Playing (RPG)
Gameteep Rating: 4.8/5

Platform: Apple iOSAndroid OS

Gamer Rating

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Overall Rating
Rating: 4.9/5 (12 votes cast)

Zenonia 5 – Wheel of Destiny Gameplay

Like all Zenonia series, the gameplay is very easy to get immersed into. This is because the game’s mechanics are just really easy to get and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to do something.

Battle System
If you’ve played Zenonia series in the past then you’ll feel right at home. If you’re new to the franchise there’s nothing to worry about. There’s really two buttons to press plus some tiny ones.

The battle system is not time-based like other jRPG like Final Fantasy. You have the movement analog stick at the bottom left and the attack button on the right. You can of course set up other special skills by going to your skill menu then adding them into quick on. So if you’re tired of time-based systems this is definitely a game for you.

One of features that players may be used to in the past is being able to charge their weapons right when you begin the game. It was fun to know there’s an increase in damage when you did hold your attack button down for a few second but in Zenonia 5 you won’t be able to charge and it’s your third strike that deals the most damage.

There’s generally a super move for each character on the third strike if you don’t get interrupted by the enemy. The third attack does exceptionally more damage than any normal attacks.

*Note* On the quick on menus you need to swipe the circles to switch.

Abel – Abel in Zenonia 5 is a Berserker which means that he’s a Melee class with a big sword.
Zenonia 5 - Wheel of Destiny Berserker
Evan – Evan is a ranged class with a mechanic weapon like a shooter.
Zenonia 5 - Wheel of Destiny Mechanic
Neal  – Neal is also a ranged class but with mind energy like a spell caster (He shoots crazy energy balls).

Zenonia 5 - Wheel of Destiny Wizard

Ryan – Ryan is a Paladin and uses sword and shield.

Zenonia 5 - Wheel of Destiny Paladin

Regardless whichever class you may choose the story is the same but of course the gameplay is different.

Sets that will make you feel cooler when playing your characters.
Zenonia 5 - Wheel of Destiny Screenshot 3

For players interested in PvP, there is place for you to compete against other players.

Zenonia 5 – Wheel of Destiny Graphics

The graphics is simply stunning in Zenonia 5. When Zenonia 4 was released, it took the series to a whole new level. Once you get your hands on Zenonia 5, the graphics and experience from it will take you to a whole new realm!

Their characters are now bigger and sharper than ever, and you can even feel the movement between their bodies. Seeing important details on equipment and character design will also entertain RPG item collectors.

Don’t forget about the backgrounds and dungeon design now! Backgrounds for stages are gorgeous. You’ll find that it’s difficult to argue that it’s probably the best graphics we’ve seen in any Zenonia title yet.

Zenonia 5 – Wheel of Destiny Sounds

There is everything there needs to be in a good jRPG here. One disappointing point is that there are no voice dialogues or even during the intro. However, no one knows when the mobile market will be hit with voices for all games like the console gaming market.

Zenonia 5 – Wheel of Destiny Round-up

We’ve always been a big fan of Zenonia. It was one of our top help guides and one of the series we’ve focused a lot on. That being said, the game changed quite a big in terms of visual experience and it’s definitely great to see the series growing into such an amazing experience in Zenonia 5.

Some of the things that players may groan about is the development of the Zen system which is essentially required for anything good in the game or just to survive. Zen is the premium currency of the Zenonia series and requires players to purchase with real money.

The item that most players would probably want to use Zen for is the Origin of Life, which is used to revive yourself when you die (or lose experience). It’s quite essential since the difficulty of the game is high even for veteran players and you’ll often suffer from “one hit K.O” enemies that just come out from nowhere. Other essential items include bag slot expansion, scanning scrolls and so forth. Some other items players may want may be avatars and other things that are just cool to have in your game. All of which requires Zen.

Despite the problems, Zenonia 5 – Wheel of Destiny is an enjoyable game. The rich colored backgrounds and improved graphics will blow players away giving them an entirely new Zenonia experience. It’s probably one of the RPGs players won’t want to put down and the best jRPG of 2012.

Bottom line: The most immersive Zenonia experience yet.

Zenonia 5 – Wheel of Destiny Screenshots

Zenonia 5 - Wheel of Destiny Screenshot 1Zenonia 5 - Wheel of Destiny Screenshot 2Zenonia 5 - Wheel of Destiny Screenshot 4Zenonia 5 - Wheel of Destiny Screenshot 5Zenonia 5 - Wheel of Destiny Screenshot 8Zenonia 5 - Wheel of Destiny Screenshot 6Zenonia 5 - Wheel of Destiny Screenshot 9Zenonia 5 - Wheel of Destiny Screenshot 10

Overview of Rating

The rating for Zenonia 5 will change base on update. It’s the first time we’ve given a rating outside of the increment of 0.5 or 1 point. This is because there are so many good elements in Zenonia 5 but essential items costing Zen like Origin of Life or extra bag slots is difficult to overlook.

Review Rating
  • Improved graphics
  • Detailed Dungeon
  • Character design
  • Cool Avatars
  • in-depth gameplay
  •  Difficulty (Debatable)
  • One Hit K.Os from enemy
  • Origin of Life
  • Internet connection? Come on!
  • Some bosses are impossible to kill without Origin of Life (i.e Hades, Salvatore)


  51 Responses to “Zenonia 5 – Wheel of Destiny Review”

  1. The difficulty of the game is debatable.

  2. such a hard gameee !! got stuck at lv 35 before the boss, he can 2 shot me lol

    • If your a berserker you can use 3 decoys
      And let them fight for you and after that it
      Is going to be hard to level up

  3. its not jRPG… its made by koreans

    • jRPG is more like a term coined for rpgs with swords and shields. kRPG is not recognized by most players since this style of game did come from Japan….

      There are many other ones like from China or other Asian countries but unfortunately people don’t know about them because RPGs started in Japan mostly…

      • I disagree! Krpgs are just as well known as jrps right now and while I am a fan of Jrpgs I avoid krpgs like they are the plague.

        Krpgs are your typical grind fest offering unsatisfying kill quests and slow pased leveling with an included in App Store while Jrpgs are story driven, fast leveling and do not include in app purchases.

        Most Jrpgs allow leveling faster than Western titles with the exclusion of rogue likes and dungeon crawlers.


  4. How do u repair?

  5. Shit game… To hard.. Have to use Real money..
    No worth!! Uninstalled

  6. It’s a pretty good game. if you wanna accomplish anything, you need to be ready for hours and hours on end of grinding levels. I’ve spent a few days now grinding on level 67 mobs to get up to level 78 and I still can’t beat the boss hades. it’s pretty clear to me that this boss was built to cost you money via Zen. my character is very solidly built and this is the first real time I’ve had any issue with the difficulty in the game. Because I’m OCD about this crap, I’ll probably spend another week, grinding away and trying to pop better eq but i know it won’t make a significant difference to my character and I’ll end up uninstalling cuz I refuse to spend money on a free game.

  7. Can you get avatars without using zen? (or whatever they’re called)

  8. iam lvl 80 wizard wit 4-5 unique equipment. still die 1 hit KO vs hades.
    his lvl far lower but invinsible!! ! WTF developer thinking. all they care is cash zen. fuk u I quit.

  9. iZero, i know how you feel, but as i concern. i got a lvl 70 berserker. i tried many times fighting hades. i know how u feel. but i think hades is not that hard. i mean u just need to dash, dash, attack and run,run. as long as u don’t get hit. i beat that crap until he got a quater more life and then he hit me with 1 tornado.just don’t quit yet. i think you’re low on status

    • Ehh dun mind share how u build ur berserker and how u pump ur stat?

      • my build on berserker … 3con-1st…r add stats as long as i have 4points to avoid miscalculation…tough with high critical…

    • lol… even u dash u cannot escape from his skill, kind of “red circle”, because it’s suddenly popup from the ground and combo you several hits (i got max health and died with 3 hits), and it’s hard to move when u get hit. that’s suck. but the others are easy to dodge.

  10. try getting epic items at pvp or abyss. that might work.

  11. i stuck at a mine iron quest, can anyone teach me how to overcome the quest?

    • Yah me too, i sold the pickaxe, was it wrong, where can i find iron?

      • You can buy pickaxes from the item merchant. You need to have a pickaxe in your inventory to mine. Once you have it just go to the big colourful crystals you see here and there and press attack button repeatedly.

  12. I try it its not that hard and its so fuuuuuunnnnn to play ! Btw what is good build for paladin xd

  13. hey you noobs. i am now a wiz level 77. i defeated hades in 3 minutes w/o using origins of life. you just need to know how to build the ultimate character. i’ll share some of my secrets. hope it helps.
    first of all, DO NOT waste all your skill points in active skills! save it up. then only buy magic arrow. max it. then buy only psychic shield. after that buy concentrate only once and max mental break. on the passive skill front. use you skills points to max out the following, first max critical and then attack and then critical per evasion. these are important and i sh** you not, you’ll be almost unbeatable. i’ve got the proof. battle me in pvp. JoeyFloes. i’ve got 1005 wins. wasn’t that hard. i get beat up only by rich kids who can afford zen 😛 damn them. build my char and you’ll see. good luck to you guys 😀

  14. pyshic shield only once! correction 😀

  15. Hey Joey, do you put all your stat points in Int or go 2 int, 1 stam?

  16. lol you just need to farm up items/levels , make upgrade stones and right skills/passives so you can beat the hell out of bosses. 🙂

  17. Any one know how to build Berserker? Im stuck in level 36..Monsters who are level 33 can defeat me with ease..

  18. Dang it joey, i maxed out physic shield :O

  19. Hello! I just got Zenonia 5… however, the only problem that i am having is that I can access the avatar shop or the zen shop either! That just ruins the whole thing because the avatars look so sick and awesome!

  20. i pass hades… the tip is to hit and run…and if u are observant and patient enough, u will.kniw when hades is gonba cast killer skills… i killed hades after grinning to 70… with decent eq…

  21. I’ve already beat Salvatore, and after all there are more additional level that more hard than before. A new area (in graveyard) with the enemy skills is excedd level 100. One hit and you’ll die.
    When I faced with Salvatore, I used Wizard, and buy a lot of life with cracked Zen, used Avatar, and runs when he attack. Just that and finally he banished.

  22. I just clear this game with mechanic after my 100th attempts. Very difficult!

  23. i’m lvl90 berserker. i’ve got 5300att and 2300def. My other stats are pretty good, char is all rounder built for a purpose to finish the game. But i have a problem with Salvatore like everyone else. Please somebody who beat Salvatore, share it with us. On which lvl were you, your att and def stats?

  24. I ‘ve beaten Salvatore. I had 6700att and 2650 def, 11000hp. lvl95. berserker. Died 6 times, so prepare yourself. You will need at least 5 origins of life if your stats are lower than mine. Used a dark rune on the fairy, so I had 950dark defense. It helped to survive the minor blows. Stay away from him when in Mega mode because you ‘ll get sudden death. Hope this helps somebody

  25. I’m level 90 but then I can’t go through with the boss because the quest said I need to go back to outland outskirts to find the key please help me thanks…

  26. I took the liberty of beating you lvl 40 paladin and lvl 61 wizard ;p joey thanks for the advice

  27. guys add me and let’s duel on PVP ^_^

  28. where i get banshee’s cloth ??

  29. Too bad there is no thief related class, I waited for 5 a long time and that really bumped me. Ah, well.

  30. Lol this game free to play but i must say is impossible to get up there without buying zen die easily from bosses luckly i have modded zenonia so infinite zen an gold an have to buy origin of life died 10 times fighting hades at lvl 52 an must say they want you to spend real money cuz theres really no other way

  31. hehe that zenonia amd the dificulty. bet hades on fist try. sure was hard cuz he minimise you and then def drop… but only died once on all my gameplay.havent buy any zen or use cheats. for advice once u go full powerbuild till lvl 12. buy or farm sum good set and go pvp till 1001 wins then you get the wining road tittle of plus 30 stats. it helps a lot my main is a lvl 82 paladin full tank have 3400 attak 3900 def plus 88,90,79 of evade,crit rate,crit damage. and now i sux on pvp lol/ names archangelpso and me for sum pvp:)

  32. so I’m a berserkerer and I’m wondering how to change my characters hair because I played against berserkerers in pvp and they have werid hair colors and designs I want it to so how do you do that Ik so mad cause I dont know how lmao

  33. my berserker lvl30 .. STR & CON … nice nice…gud items… to boosts up ur damage…^^ share lang

  34. not hard game ….depend to ur play style…^^ like…!

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  37. “Difficulty (Debatable)”. No. That is NOT debatable. Not atl all. It is a tough game once you get to the ship. I have played AND BEAT 100s of rpgs for the snes, psx, genesis, sega cd, turbo grafx/cd, gba, ios and android, even the 3do. 100% a veteran. This is VERY tough, especially if you are trying to beat it without any IAP, which is what I am going for.

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