Zenonia 5: Psychic Tornado Wizard


This Zenonia 5 – Wheel of Destiny Psychic Tornado Wizard is created in attempt to help you develop a wizard based on three main skills, these are Psychic Ball, Tornado, and Psychic Spin/Starfall.

The Wizard/Mage class in Zenonia 5 has been nerfed and isn’t as powerful as one would expect from a spellcaster class. There are also a lot of useless spells and skills so we’re not going to bother with those skill. The last skill is always “supposed” to be the best but it’s long cool time and  expensive SP consumption make it a poor choice for players.

*Warning: This guide is only for casual playthroughs. This is not for PvP or new game plus. Use it at your own risk. Comment below if you think you got better.

*This guide is under copyright and should only be used personally and not redistributed.

Zenonia 5 Psychic Tornado Wizard

Non-New Game Plus Players only!

Why Psychic Ball?

This skill is really shatters into 4 projections and immobilizes enemies. It’s really good for the first playthrough but the second play through may not be that useful. If you can “Save” and not use any skill points then do so. It’s fast cool down time.

Why Tornado?

Like the Psychic Ball, Tornado has a really fast cool down time which is good for players. And it double hits.

Skill Tree Start [Non-new game plus players]

In no specific order, but you should max the following skills

Active Skill

  • Psychic Ball
  • Tornado [Psychic Ball/Pre-req]
  • Magic Arrow
  • Starfall/Psychic Spin [Psychic Shield or Mental Break/Pre-req]

Passive Skill

  • ATT Increase
  • CRI Rate Increase

Passive Skill Tree [Non-new game plus players]

For beginners, it is recommended that you place 2 points in CON (Increases Health) and 1 point in INT (Increase Attacks/SP) at each level up.

For Veteran players,  it is recommended that you place 1 points in CON (Increases Health) and 2 point in INT (Increase Attacks/SP) at each level up.

  27 Responses to “Zenonia 5: Psychic Tornado Wizard”

  1. HiHo Bro,

    I have tested out your guide, I was looking a long time for a “good” guide. Cause I had rly no idea how I shall skill my Mage. Now I will point out my experiens.

    First, the Skills:

    Psychic Ball; Damage with 3 Balls like your Auto Attack:
    Pros: You can hit more creeps.
    Contra: The Dmg isnt huge enough to get in in my smart cast. You can deal more dmg with your normal attacks. So I recommend to save that skill Points.

    Tornado, 2 Whirpools with huge dmg.
    Pros: You get a knockback what is especially good against Bosses and you can deal dmg in a line.
    Contras: I havent found out rly contras. I recommend to set some Points in and check out how you like it.

    Magic Arrow; Buff for your Dmg,
    Pros. It stacks on your spells, and your Auto Attacks
    Contras: none, have to skill!

    Psychic Shield, mana shield to protect your life.
    Pros: a very nice Shield to kepp your life save
    Contras: you need on early lvls rly much Mana, dont know how it works on late lvls.

    Mental break, AOE Dmg
    Pros, HUGE dmg in 4 lines, very good against horde of monsters
    Contras: none.

    Psychic Spin, Starfall, acutally not tested.

    Att Increase -> Have to
    Vit Increase -> recommended
    Passive Master -> depends how much passive points you get skilled.
    Devils Recovery -> with Psychic Shield nice to have
    Area Zeor -> with Psychic Shield nice to have

    Skill Points.
    Defense, 2 CON 1 INT
    Offensive 2 INT 0,5 DEX 0,5 COn
    Extreme Offensive (if you play with Psychic Shield) 2,5Int 0,25 Dex 0,25 CON

    Who I plan to skill my Wizard:

    Stat Points:
    1 Lvl ; 2 INT 1 CON
    1 Lvl; 2 INT 1 DEX

    Skills active:
    1 Psychic Ball -> just for Tornado
    5 Tornado
    10 Magic Arrow
    5 Mental Break
    Psychic Spin (Test)
    Starfall (Test)
    Concentration (Test, but i am sure that i will point 5-10 Points in)
    Psychic Storm (Test, but ulti should deal dmg) 😀

    So i Will go with 30-40 Points until Max lvl in my Passiv Tree
    ATT Increase; 10 Points
    Vit Increase: 5-10 Points
    Passive Master (will test how strong it is)
    Devil’s Recovery (will be strong with Mana shield, but without i dont think that you will need it in the High lvls)
    Area Zero (Free CRI Skill, hmm guess it will be the same like the Devils Recovery)

    Last Words;

    Thank you for your guide dude, it was for me very helpfull to test the skills in this combination. I hope i can help some guys to get an impression how i skill my Mage.
    I wish all guys sommuch much fun with the game.

    HF GL

    • oh men . you should have max 10 psychic ball with 8x crit rate (max int) & psychic spin . burn half the health of a paladin with 2 k def ( my att is 3k7 ) with just 2 skill

    • You should try psychic spin, it is awesome!!!. Especially when you max it out. My skill points are maxed out psychic spin, Mental Break, attack increase and crit increase.7 on my psychic ball one on concentrate and one on starfall

  2. All INT
    ALL passive skills

    YOU WIN!! Im lvl 76 right now 😉

    • The game is over-rated. There is no way you can do anything to the final boss without using Zen even if you put it all into INT and Passive skill.

      To be blunt, by putting it into all 1 will just net you will 1 hit deaths AND you can’t kill much.

    • Almost… U need to invest in Magic Arrow and Concentration, cause this two skills gives you much more att then passive skills ;). Also U have to invest some stat points in con, cause u’ll die in pvp very fast.

  3. help me choosing this skill
    starfall vs pyschic spin
    because tht 2 skills is quite nice but I need learn another skill right. must me to learn mental break,pyschic spin and starfall until max?

  4. hey guys were fint thorium in zenonia 5 ? i need for set lv 50 wizzar

  5. Hello! I’m playing almost only pvp, so I want to share with you my build. I’ve done few Wizz and I think it’s most powerfull class on pvp. He has great dmg, nice attack speed and highest range of attack :). Also – he don’t need much active skills, cause his normal attacks are very powerfull. Let’s start!
    1. STATS:
    +1 con, +2 int every level.
    Why? Perfect balance between def/hp and att. You will not die so fast: I’ve been playing alot against only inf Wizards, and their main problem is VERY low def and hp: they die after 2-3 hits.
    2. SKILLS:
    I focuson passive skills and tronger normal attack plus one strong skill to finish your opponent. I write them in order.
    – Max passive Cri rate increase,
    – Max Magic Arrow,
    – Max passive Att increase,
    – 1 lvl Concentration (it gives you only duration on higher levels, so you don’t have to waste your points on it,
    – Max Mental Break (good finsher),
    – Max passive Int increase,
    – Max passive Passive Master,
    – Feel free to invest rest of your points. Maybe Cri per Int passive? Or Eva increase? Con increase? As you wish :).

    Tactic is simple: use buffs, then normal attacks until opponent hp is low enough to kill him with one skill (Mental Break) – then use it. Job done xD. Well done…
    And remember: do not waste your points on active skills! And secondly: do not waste your points on Psychic Shield – you’ll run out of sp very fast so you would die. 🙂

    Hope it will help you!
    Now I’m doing Wiz lvl 22 – end game build. U can check it – quiet strong I think : D.

    • what equipment is the best to go for?? thanks in advice

    • This is an okay build for PvP since you have an insane amount of single aa dmg but you lack the cc, aoe and burst dmg that is more suited for the story mode and the Abyss (since you encounter many mobs at the same time). If you do decide to follow Melodiaa, then you may find it difficult to complete the story mode since many late game bosses will just spam spells thus making it quite difficult for you to get in range to aa (salvatore and graveyard secret boss will wreck you if you decide to duke it out using aa).

      I’ve gone for a more traditional build for a wizard (FULL INT btw) whom relies mainly on aoe burst dmg, maxing out mental break, psychic spin, and starfall. 1 point into concentration, 1 point into magic arrow, 1 point into shield and 1 point into the psychic storm (not that great). Rest of my points go into passive abilities.

      You do not neccessarily need to place any points into CON since your psychic shield will nullify all the dmg and since I went full INT I do not run out of mana. Plus you can just add skill points to the CON passive BUT you can go 1 CON 2 INT per lvl (less dmg more survivabilty)

      My build allows me to clear an entire map in a few seconds since all I do is activate shield, lure all mobs together and then go right in the middle of them and activate mental break followed by psychic spin. This makes it extremely easy to farm and to lvl up. Also in mid cast of these 2 spells you are immune to dmg and you must take advantage of this when fighting bosses (this immunity does not exist with starfall and psychic storm since these 2 are DOT and after initial cast you can be hurt). Against even the toughest bosses all you do is activate shield then spam all aoe spells and it’ll take a chunk of their hp down. Wait for CD’s and repeat and chug a mana pot if you need it. A few minutes later the boss is down.

      Like I’ve said Melodiaa build is fine for PvP (as he has stated) but impractical for late game esp Hell Mode where you will get 1 hit KO’d by mobs (shield is a lifesaver and if you want a means of escape for those times when you’re surrounded and all your spells are on cd then you can invest 1 point into teleport)

      GL HF

    • Melodiaa’s build is your typical P vs P type. I myself use it, the main problem is finishing the game, but there is plenty of skill points, just keep on leveling up.


  6. I have 120 wins and 9 losses just using max Int. and all Passive Skills, and its awesome. I do as much damage as any skill with my regular attack

  7. I have taken a different approach. I have been playing mostly pvp but haev no problems yet in the story (though just at the beginning). I have invested in a few skills which I find useful to use all at once. Instead of maxing out one skill I have 4-5 which allows me to always have one available while others coold down.

    look me up I have something like 600 W – 21L in Pvp (Maruru2)

    However, the secret to pvp is either do higher damage (all INT), last longer (CON) or both which is recommended. Very early on while farming in PvP I got two items each with reflect 50% – this is critical as many classes just get creamed by their own damage (100% is reflected and it is always on) while I use multiple spells to make up the difference. I find the extra damage done while I take some hits really puts you over the edge in the battle. I will see how this works later on in the game and may need to change my tactics.

    I am interested to try the all passive route I think that would be a good build. Hope this helps.

    • Your character is very good with 39K att. I challenged you with my Paladin but failed, not undefeatable though. I want to train one mage since I got good equip (lvl45:635att) for mages from pvp but not for paladin sadly. But I don’t know exactly how to stack SP on skills. Could you help?

      I think always focus on att since def and hp can always be geared up.

  8. i build my wizard max int . first two active skill , psy shield , buff dame , flash and psy spin . without use any zen ( doesnot have a avatar ) if lucky i can kill a mini boss in 1 hit

  9. what skill is good to wizard into monster and to pvp ???? and what lvl that i put in that skill

  10. i am currently following melodiaa’s build,i think its ok,but sad to hear that its only for pvp.
    i used to have a level 50 assasin in zenonia 4,quite fun.
    although probably the weakest class.
    any tips to make it a hybrid pvp+story build?
    btw i play league of legends.
    anyone else play that game?
    if so leave ur name behind and ill add u.
    ima level 30 and my main is veigar,kat,(before kha until he got nerfed),mord(dont use him much anymore), garen,and sivir.
    also ww jungle,which requires good team mates.

  11. I recommend putting as much into DEX as possible. It may not be the norm but try it out. Bring DEF up a bit, INT to about 90/97, and go all out on DEX. Might seem weird at first but the benefits of raising DEX is much more rewarding than INT. If you can get your CRIT RATE to 70 or above, you can almost nonstop Critical attack with every blow.

    the more you have in DEX the more often your attacks will proc a critical strike.each critical strike that lands will push the monster (and in PVP, the player) away from you. making it very difficult for things and people to come running at you when they are constantly getting pushed back with every single blow. it also helps with PVE crowd control. What I did was Master as much passive skills as possible while only utilizing the most effective AOEs and Buffs.

    If your dex is high enough, even bosses cant resist a crit’s and their knock-back effect. I wonder why no one has done this? In PVP I take out players with double my ATT because they cant even get close enough to touch me, and if they do manage to get to me, they usually miss because my EVA is so high.

    I have more dex points than int. Every single hit is a crit. plus the extra knock back, allowing for the fourth main attack to deal more than one crit strike while pushing back all the monsters simultaneously;

    Maxing passive defensive skills are necessary, such as EVA, CON, and DEF,

    but even more so are the passive attack skills, ATT, CRI, INT which will increase your crit attack rate AND crit damage.,

    I wouldnt master any actual attack skills, maybe 3 to 5 points per skill at the most. totaling maybe 3 AOE skills and 2 to 3 buffs.

    If your dex is high enough, even bosses cant resist a crit’s and their knock-back effect. I wonder why no one has done this? In PVP I take out played with double my ATT because they cant even touch me, and if they do manage to get to me, they usually miss because my EVA is so high.

  12. Guys how Magic Arrow and Concentrate stack together? you must use one and then the other or both at the same time? I understood you can mix it but dont see dmg increase

  13. All of your guides are just suitable for early game. However if u go for full int, after u reach 5x, 6x, 7x,… pvp is not gonna easy. Bersecker and Paladin both have reflect damage, and u’ll die very soon.
    I go for 5Int 1 Con. And find every upgrade stone that boost def. After u feel ur Con points are enough, go for full Int (I cant tell exactly cuz I dont remember which lv).
    About skill, save point, max mana drain, mental break, psychic spin- priority (with enough damage it can even 1hitKO). Psychic Shield also is important, as the dam reflection of Ber and Pal can knock u down even if they are dead.
    I’m lv 70, now I have 154 win over 46 lose (damn reflection) 🙂

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